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If anyone is interested in attending Troy Price Horseshoeing School, please call before signing up. We have a small class size and classes fill up quick. Contact Troy at 260-622-6052 or

NEW for 2024 – Please note we are changing the horseshoeing courses that will be offered at Troy Price Horseshoeing School in 2024.  There will be two courses offered in 2024: a 15-week Basic Horseshoeing Course and a 30-week Journeyman Horseshoeing Course.

If a person is interested in attending a Trim Clinic, please contact the school.  If there is enough interest, the school may host a Trim Clinic after regular classes wrap up for the year.

Veteran Educational Programs:  Troy Price Horseshoeing School is approved by the Indiana State Approving Agency for Veteran Educational Programs for all horseshoeing courses offered by the school.  For more information call the State Approving Agency at 317/232-3910 or 1-800-400-4520.

Forging Excellence

Troy Price Horseshoeing School believes in Forging Excellence…For Your Success as a Farrier, Horse Owner, Veterinarian or Trainer. For whatever aspect of the horse industry you are involved with, the goal at Troy Price Horseshoeing School is to build upon the basics and demand a high standard of excellence as students forge a new path in their lives.  The school focuses on horseshoeing skills that are useful by teaching practical applications and spending time on real world skills such as trimming, shaping keg shoes, nailing, clinching, and finishing. The owner/instructor, Troy Price, CJF, has the ability to adapt his teaching as needed to explain and demonstrate horseshoeing principles in a manner that anyone can understand.  Each horseshoeing course can be modified to fit  the student’s individual needs depending on their interests.  Class size is kept small so every student receives a lot of individual instruction from Troy.

Troy Price Horseshoeing School is located in Wells County in Northeast Indiana. There are two farrier shops and a farm house.

Forging skills are taught and practiced in the farrier shops. All tools and books used by students are supplied at no cost while attending class.  There are no extra fees or charges during the horseshoeing courses. The farm house is available free of charge to students who have paid their tuition and need overnight accommodations while attending horseshoeing courses. Kitchen and laundry facilities are available at the farm house which also has air conditioning and soft water.


The only regret I have about attending Troy’s school is I didn’t do it sooner.  You would be hard pressed to find an educator in this field of study with the passion and dedication Troy has for teaching his students.  The small class size allows Troy to move each student along at their own pace which I benefited greatly from.  If you want to learn how to shoe horses and shoe them right, Troy Price’s Horseshoeing School is where you want to go to school.  I’d give it five stars.

Dru Miller – completed 12 week Basic Horseshoeing Course


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