The only regret I have about attending Troy’s school is I didn’t do it sooner.  You would be hard pressed to find an educator in this field of study with the passion and dedication Troy has for teaching his students.  The small class size allows Troy to move each student along at their own pace which I benefited greatly from.  If you want to learn how to shoe horses and shoe them right, Troy Price’s Horseshoeing School is where you want to go to school.  I’d give it five stars.

Dru Miller – Florida – completed 12 week Basic Horseshoeing Course – Phone:  941/676-2979

I have personally known and observed Troy Price as he developed from apprentice to world-class farrier, competing in and judging farrier clinics around the world.  In 2010, Troy was the featured clinician for our annual open house/clinic.  This clinic was rated as one of the best clinics for purposes of education by many of our attendees.  I sincerely recommend Troy as an instructor in all aspects of farriery.
Marvin Schwartz – Owner D.L. Schwartz LLC
I first met Troy Price in the spring of 2002.  I gave him a call about the shoeing school I was thinking about attending.  Troy asked me if I would like to come ride with him.  I rode with him a couple times that summer before going to shoeing school in the fall.  Right from the beginning he had me under horses, pulling shoes and showing the basics of trimming.
After returning from shoeing school, I started working with Troy.  He was always willing to take the time to help me learn even though he could have done the job much faster without me.  After a long day, we would go in the shop and he would work with me on forging exercises.
Troy has a passion to teach the art of horseshoeing.  If you are willing to work hard, Troy is willing to do all he can to help a person learn.  Without Troy’s positive attitude and his willingness to teach and give of his time, I feel I wouldn’t have achieved the success that I have.
Phillip Hatton – Farrier – Phone: 765/635-7336

“Troy Price Horseshoeing School is by far one of the top shoeing schools in the country!  I would recommend this school to anyone that is interested in learning this trade.  Troy and Jenny Price have gone out of their way to develop an environment for success!  I wish them all the best in their continued endeavors as I know anyone who attends this school will become a knowledgeable, capable, and valuable asset to this industry.”

“The amount of horses that were available to us every day was a big help.  It allowed us to become more efficient at a faster rate.  Troy was always available to answer questions when needed.  The smaller class size allowed this to happen.”

Bryant Hain – Pennsylvania – 12 week Horseshoeing Student

“To anyone considering attending Troy Price Horseshoeing School, it was worth all the time and money spent here.  If I had known this was an option before attending and graduating college, I would have gone here in a heartbeat.  I have never had an instructor like Troy, someone so personable, knowledgeable, and good at teaching.  He is able to do something many teachers can not do and that is relate situations to your real world experience, but not only that he shows you how to do something, and if he sees that you are struggling he actually figures out a different way to teach you the task so you understand it in a way that works for you.  I came into the 12 week program not knowing if I would have the confidence and ability to start my own shoeing business.  I left with not only the confidence but the knowledge and experience to go out into the horse world and succeed.  Not only did I get the experience and knowledge, but he helps you start up your business by helping you find the tools you need at the best price he can find and is truly excited for you making you feel good about your decision.  If you make your choice for a horseshoeing school be sure to base your decision, not on location or size of school, but on finding someone who lifts you up and truly has the skills, knowledge, personality, and drive to truly help you and want you to succeed and that school is Troy Price Horseshoeing School.”

Alex Chrysanthou – Ohio – 12 week Horseshoeing Student – Phone: 734/735-2435

“I think you progress faster here than you would at the bigger schools because there’s a lot more one-on-one time.  Troy knows what he’s talking about and he’s a great teacher.”

Colt Ingram – Virginia – 12- week horseshoeing student

Best learning experience I ever had.  Wish I could have stayed longer to learn more.  Troy is a great teacher and strives to “Make Horseshoeing Great Again!”

Chase Layton – Indiana – 12- week horseshoeing student – Phone: 770/557-9403

“I greatly recommend Troy Price Horseshoeing School!  Wish I had come straight out of high school.  There are plenty of horses to trim and shoe, and we were nailing on shoes the 1st day of week 2.  There is plenty of one on one time with Troy, and he will make sure you understand what you are learning to the fullest.  If you are willing to put the time in, Troy will too in all aspects of forging and shoeing.  If you like to work hard and want to run your own business and like being around horses, I would definitely come here!  Don’t ask Troy for more horses or he will give you more than you can handle.”

Ed Ruehle – Virginia – 12 week Horseshoeing Student – Phone: 757/724-3444

“Troy’s two week trim class was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.  On day 1 we were trimming and hot shoeing dead legs; by day 5 I was shoeing live legs.  I am convinced that I received more one-on-one instruction than most people who attend a trim class.  Best aspect of the course was the low student to instructor ratio so my entire 8 hours/day were spent having instruction while I trimmed/shod…Troy changes his instruction to fit the needs of his students; in other words, if there’s something in particular that you want to learn, he will change your instruction that day to meet your goal.  I received an excellent education. I’d strongly recommend this trimming course.”

                                Ashlyn Kuersten – Michigan – 2- week horseshoeing student

The student to teacher ratio was excellent and each student got all the horses they wanted to work on.

                                                Steve Grant – South Carolina – 12 week horseshoeing student

Attending the 12 week Basic Horseshoeing Course has been the best experience I could have had.  I definitely learned a lot more than  I would have expected to in a mere 12 weeks.  I would never have thought that  I would be able to shoe a horse after only one practice run.  Apart from the great amount of knowledge and skills I’ve learned, I also gained some pretty great friends.

                                           Zoe Lehmer – Indiana – 12 week horseshoeing student

12 weeks ago I couldn’t identify anything of a hoof except the hoof.  Today I finish knowing the anatomy, diseases, and overall care for a hoof.  Troy took the time (and a lot of patience) pushing me to be better, pushing me to be faster while shoeing.  If it were not for the small class size, I do not think I would have the knowledge and confidence I do today.  This class is hard.  There is a lot of strength, speed, but most of all you have to use your head, eyes, hands, thumbs, and horsemanship and using that and Troy’s tutelage things go easy.  I strongly encourage anyone who is looking into this as a career to enroll in Troy Price Horseshoeing School.  You will not be let down and you will learn.

                                          Troy Colvin – Indiana – 12 week horseshoeing student – Phone: 812/327-2741

Troy Price – World class horseshoer and a world class teacher.  Troy’s patience, knowledge, and ability helps him to approach each student to their learning ability and make it as easy as possible.  If you put your heart and soul into being a good farrier, Troy will put his heart and soul in teaching you.

                                          Billy Brooks – Indiana – 24 week horseshoeing student – Phone: 765/585-0785

Troy will push you to learn and accomplish things that don’t seem possible to the inexperienced eye.  There are so many aspects of horseshoeing that he can show, explain, and have you do that would take a few years of trial and error if you were to try on your own.  I highly recommend the school to those seeking a solid education in the horseshoeing trade.

                                          Matt Wagner – Alabama – 12 week horseshoeing student – E-mail: mattewagner@gmail.com 

Troy is a very good teacher and is very good at what he does.  I couldn’t believe all the things I learned while I was at school.  I would highly recommend anyone to this school.

                                           Quinton Wingerter – Michigan – 6 week horseshoeing student

If you are just starting our or you are an experienced farrier wanting to continue your education, I highly recommend attending Troy Price Horseshoeing School.  You will not be disappointed.  If you want the right start with a good foundation in the fundamentals and advance work, Troy Price DELIVERS.

My expectations were met the very first day of the Trim Course.  On the second day, Troy had my class forging.  I couldn’t believe on my second day I was performing the basics of shaping a shoe and on the third day, I was trimming live horses.  Before attending the Trim Course, I had no prior horseshoeing experience.  This proves how great a teacher Troy is.  His knowledge goes far beyond the expectations of the industry.  He wants his students to succeed.  His unique teaching style is easy to understand and easy to apply when you go home

                                           Micheleen Pierce – Michigan – 2 week horseshoeing student

(Returned later and completed the 12 week Basic Horseshoeing Course)

The adaptability of Troy Price Horseshoeing School makes it suitable for all types of students.  Troy is able and willing to alter teaching style in relation to the goals of the students.  I really liked that I was able to meet and eventually surpass the goals I had entering the course.  Troy is obviously more than qualified in his career and in turn excels at running a horseshoeing school.

                                      Jason Wakefield – Michigan – 12 week horseshoeing student

I couldn’t believe how confident I was when I graduated Troy Price Horseshoeing School!  Due to the everyday live horse experience, students are able to successfully and confidently produce quality trimming and shoeing.  Troy adapts to how each student learns and helps them reach their goals.  The small class size ensures each student achieves the course criteria.  Any student that attends TPHS will leave knowledgeable, experienced, and sufficient with their work.  If you want a one-on-one, personable, caring teacher that will push you to be the best you can, then attend Troy Price’s school.  I will be more than proud to carry Troy’s name around with me as my business grows.

                                  Shanna Austin – Indiana -12 week horseshoeing student- Phone: 317/363-7956

I attended another horseshoeing school, but I was not making much progress there.  I switched to Troy Price Horseshoeing School because students get more time with the instructor and get more hands on experience. We were confidently trimming live horses on day 3, and we were shoeing on the second week.  If you want to learn to shoe horses for a living, you won’t find a better place.

                                  Tara Briggs – Indiana -12 week horseshoeing student

“Forging Excellence” is more than a motto at Troy Price Horseshoeing School.  From pathological lameness diseases to corrective shoe shaping, there is something for everyone to learn no matter their respective equine background or future career plans.

                                  Megan Hoover – Indiana -2 week student – Purdue Vet School student

Horseshoeing school has been a great opportunity for me and Troy’s guidance has given me the confidence to trim and shoe my own horses as well as starting my own business in this trade.  The school has nice facilities and small class size, which makes this school an excellent choice for learning horseshoeing skills.

                                  Laura Ward – Ohio – 24 week student

Troy is a stand up guy.  Class doesn’t end at 5 oclock.  It ends when you decide to stop for the day.  The classes are small with a lot of 1 on 1, very personal. It almost feels like you are the only student.

                                  Tom Albano – New Jersey – 6 week student

I attended TPHS for the 36 week journeyman program.  I can honestly walk away feeling confident in my work.  Best experience ever!  Troy is very hands on and always willing to answer your questions.  I can only hope to become as great as Troy one day.  This experience was definitely unforgettable.

                                  Angela Riivald – Indiana – 36 week student

“I highly recommend to any prospective Farrier that they attend the “Troy Price Horseshoeing School”. The “Troy Price Horseshoeing school” creates an incredible introductory atmosphere for anyone who is not entirely certain of what they may want to achieve within the industry. Whether you are looking for a brief overview of the craft to work on your own horses, a career change, or have always aspired to own your own Farrier business, Troy Price’s curriculum has been proven to greatly enhance each of his students goals, regardless of skill level or experience.

As a certified Journeyman Farrier with over twenty years of experience, Troy has represented the United States Farrier industry on an international level and is an excellent standard-bearer for the trade. Troy Price’s knowledge, dedication to the craft, and ability to convey complex and insightful material are second-to-none. Troy is a highly enthusiastic, intelligent and patient instructor who’s teaching methods are able to reach anyone, regardless of their learning style or capacity. Troy has an advanced knowledge of both past and present methodology related to Farriery, horsemanship, and entrepreneurship. Troy is also assisted by his wife, Jenny, who provides students with excellent administrative support and is able to help anyone navigate the various methods of enrollment, to include the use of the GI Bill, state-sponsored tuition-assistance, and personal payment.

Throughout even the shortest of courses, students can expect unencumbered access to Troy’s facility, unlimited working materials and hands-on mentorship. Students are able to live on campus in a comfortable and practical learning environment. Students are also guaranteed an in-depth view of nearly all hoof-care issues on live specimens and will have the ability to interact with real clients. I can assure anyone that they will receive a practical education in anatomy and physiology of the horse, blacksmithing fundamentals, tool application and techniques, and small-business ethics. Students will also have the opportunity to customize their approach and collaborate with other skilled Farriers and students. I sincerely recommend his school to anyone who wants to invest in a solid introductory foundation of the craft as well as gain the confidence to work independently upon completion.”

                                  Dan Kozlowski – Virginia – 6 week student