Basic Horseshoeing Course

15 Weeks – $11,000

This 15 week course is intended for the person who is interested in pursuing a career in horseshoeing. The student will learn the basics of horseshoeing and build on those skills to be able to trim and shoe horses. The topics studied include anatomy, physiology, conformation, gait analysis, tool maintenance, causes of lameness, trimming and shoeing. Along with the basics, the student will also learn corrective trimming and shoeing techniques. A high level of forge work will be attained as the student learns how to shape and modify factory made horseshoes. Basic horseshoe making will also be introduced. The student will learn how to perform all of the keg shoe modifications and some therapeutic shoes such as the straight bar shoe and egg bar shoe. Along with shoe making, the student will learn to make tools such as pritchels and punches. Aspects of owning and operating a farrier business will be addressed and the importance of the farrier-client relationship.


228 hours - Live horse shoeing
100 hours - Forging in shop
95 hours - Live horse trimming
55 hours - Shaping and modifying horseshoes
50 hours - Classroom work/Lectures
30 hours - Tool making and maintenance
25 hours - Demonstrations – trimming, shoeing, forging
10 hours - Tests – written and practical
5 hours - Horsemanship
2 hours - Shop safety
600 Total Hours


2025 Schedule
April 7, 2025 - July 18, 2025
May 26th & July 4th - No School
July 21, 2025 - October 31, 2025
September 1st - No School
Basic Course - Student hammer clinching

Tuition & Fees

  • The tuition for each course is all inclusive.
  • There are no extra fees or hidden charges incurred during the course.
  • Tools will be provided for the student to use while enrolled at the school.
  • A textbook will be available for each student.
  • If a student prefers, they can purchase their own textbook.
  • Free housing will be provided on the grounds where the school is located for the student to use while at the school and includes a kitchen and laundry area.
  • Meals, bedding, and toiletries are not provided.